About DataBriefing


DataBriefing’s goal is to teach everyone data skills.

DataBriefing targets two groups of people: Those who code and those who don't. Both profit from learning how to work with data. But they do so in two different ways. And that's why DataBriefing has two areas: coding and concepts.


Many developers know a bit about machine learning, statistics and of course how to code. But the first steps are hard, including the setup of the environment. DataBriefing attempts to make those first steps as easy as possible. We even provide a VM you can set up in a few minutes.


Even if you don't code you might be in a position near large amounts of data and/or work with people who code and who work with that data. It's valuable for yourself, for your organization and ultimately for the world when you understand fundamental concepts.


DataBriefing.com was founded by Ben Freundorfer. Email him directly: ben@databriefing.com.